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It is usually better to own a safe asset generating 7% than a risky one generating 14%. Despite what the glossy brochures might claim, you can´t...
Welcome to Torcana

Torcana is an award winning investment specialist which promotes a variety of real estate products worldwide. We offer people an opportunity to put their savings to productive use, to grow their net worth without taking unnecessary risks and to take ownership of assets that are stable and offer genuine long term value.


Our focus is on established and affluent areas with strong domestic rental and resale demand. We only deal with cash flow positive properties which have all of the fundaments in place (location, price, unit size, build quality, interior fittings, amenities, transport links & management).


Our knowledgeable and experienced team provide a wide range of sourcing, marketing, sales and aftersales services. Please use the various links in this page, including the special reports below, to learn more about us and the services we offer. 

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Robert from New York

I have been involved...

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Loreley from Mexico

Colin and his team at Torcana are knowledgeable, committed and very quick at problem solving. While purchasing...

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