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Torcana is an award winning investment specialist which promotes a variety of real estate products worldwide. We offer people an opportunity to put their savings to productive use, to grow their net worth without taking unnecessary risks and to take ownership of assets that are stable and offer genuine long term value.

Our focus is on established and affluent areas with strong domestic rental and resale demand. We only deal with cash flow positive properties which have all of the fundaments in place (location, price, unit size, build quality, interior fittings, amenities, transport links & management).

Our knowledgeable and experienced team provide a wide range of sourcing, marketing, sales and aftersales services. Please use the various links in this page to learn more about us and the services we offer.

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  • What the decline in homeownership means for US real estate investors April 18, 2017
    In todays blog (also recorded as a podcast) I share my thoughts on the serious decline in homeownership in the United States, the key factors that are driving this trend and how real estate investors can leverage it to their advantage. The American Dream...
  • Is investing in rentals outside your home market a good idea? November 3, 2016
    The pros and cons of buying rental properties outside of your home market is a topic I have come across a lot in the past few months, so I thought I´d cover it in today´s blog (and in a brand new podcast recorded this morning). I hope you enjoy my take on the issue and would certainly […]
  • These are the reasons you should be investing in Tampa Florida real estate October 14, 2016
    In todays blog I´d like to take the opportunity to share some really interesting facts we have unearthed regarding the Florida, and particularly the Tampa Bay markets. If you are still considering several different states from a property investment point of view, perhaps this information might convince you to take a closer look at our […]
  • How hot is the Tampa FL real estate market? October 1, 2016
    As always, there is a lot going on behind the scenes in Torcana. The turnkey 3 bed property we promoted on 7211 Potomac Dr recently (pictured below) went under contract straight away and our buyer has already closed.  
  • How are investors sourcing great USA rental property in 2016? July 29, 2016
    I´d like to write about something a little different than the norm in today´s blog. As many of our readers will be aware, most major markets across the USA are in full recovery mode and waves of cheap money are chasing a shrinking number of opportunities. As a direct consequence, many investors are struggling to […]