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If your investments are entertaining, if you´re having fun, you´re probably not making any money. Good investing is boring. (George Soros)...
Why Invest in the USA?



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Why Invest in Florida?

There are many amazing investment and lifestyle opportunities in the State of Florida, the 4th most populous US state. The people are very proud of their state and it's easy to see why. No other location in the western hemisphere can match Florida’s unique combination of a strategic geographic position, strong knowledge base, state-of-the-art infrastructure, entrepreneurial spirit, and concentration of corporate and financial resources. Total holdings by non-US companies were valued in 2007 at $34.3bn.   

However, like everywhere else, the property market in Florida is local and should be looked at on a micro level rather than solely taking investment decisions based on macro, state wide information.

Torcana work in the distressed market (very active, lots of willing buyers and sellers), which is quite distinct from the regular market (very stagnant, sellers either can't  or don't want to compete with their more desperate counterparts). Within this distressed market we do business with distressed sellers and developers who have relatively small amounts of unsold properties within very well run and well built resorts. These properties can be purchased for less than their construction cost.

It is our view that investors should not be satisfied with an agent who just sources property. A good agent is an essential service for a non professional as they help him/her (a) find the smartest long term investments available, (b) ensure the pitfalls of buying in a distressed market are avoided and (c) assist with a smooth transfer of ownership. 



 How do Torcana know what is a good investment?

Picture the town / city / village where you currently live and imagine there are many distressed sellers. Would your first reaction be to hunt down the very cheapest property available just because it is cheap and tenanted?  I’d imagine the answer for most of you is no, and that many would prefer to pay a little extra to get a discounted property in a nicer part of town, where the tenants are solid and a resale market can be clearly visualized.  This is how we feel about Florida. 

A new build 900 sq ft 1 bedroom sea view condo in Miami cannot be measured against a 15 year old timber frame 550 sq ft  1 bedroom/studio in Ft Myers. It seems obvious when phrased like that, but it isn’t stopping both amateur and professional investors of thinking otherwise. Whether property prices are increasing, stagnant or falling – you still tend to get what you pay for.


Free Florida Investment Report


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