Referral Programme


Torcana is very fortunate to be working with a number of successful introducers who earn healthy commissions in their spare time. Each year, we pay these valued partners tens of thousands of dollars.


Would you like to join them?


Before you decide, let me tell you a bit about the kinds of people Torcana receives introductions from:


1. Regular people with full time jobs

Doctors, dentists, accountants, small business owners, teachers etc. Many of these clients will have purchased from us before and are happy to discuss their experience with friends, family and colleagues afterwards. A high proportion of these referrals end up doing business with us. 


2. Subscribers to our newsletters and blogs

These are people who have been following us for a long time and generally have a high opinion of the deals we source and the way we analyze and report on market trends. They mention our name whenever topics like distressed property or real estate investment crop up in a conversation. We´ve also had referrals from these introducers via twitter, blogs and facebook.


3. Pension Trustees and IFAs

We work with a range of professional financial advisors seeking "arms length" investment products to add to their clients portfolios. We are quite familiar with the most appropriate structures pension investors need to use in order to purchase in the UK & USA. 


Torcana Presentation4. Investment Groups

We´ve had a lot of success collaborating with specialist "investor clubs" and other subscription based services. In addition to promoting our products via their newsletters and magazines, we have regularly been invited to participate in conferences as guest speakers (recent seminar pictured right).


Earn a substantial additional income with little or no effort


Torcana values all of the above introduction methods extremely highly, especially those who trust us enough to introduce their friends and family to our firm. 

Earn a 2nd income 

Looking through the list of referrals received over the past couple of years, I cannot help but notice that many of our introducers and the people they put us in touch with would now be considered good friends in addition to clients.


As potential buyers introduced to us by a trusted third parties generally have a very high conversation rate, some introducers earn quite a lot of money. 


I can think of several instances where a casual recommendation or email between friends has ended up earning someone several thousand dollars in referral fees (see link below). 


Not bad for 5-10 minutes work, especially in these lean times. 


Next Steps


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Torcana Referral Program