Please note that this website does not contain the latest inventory and the majority of homes listed here have already been sold. However they are very representative of what future inventory will look like and are useful for research purposes.

If you would like to receive exclusive access to our forthcoming properties, please email and you will be added to our client list. We typically send 1-2 emails per month.

Welcome to Torcana

Torcana is an award winning investment specialist which focuses exclusively on buying, renovating and selling great rental properties in the Tampa Florida market. Founded in 2009 by Colin Murphy, David Shaw & Kathryn Shaw, Torcana has helped hundreds of investors to build solid rental portfolios and they are a market leader in sourcing below market value opportunities.

Through rigorous due diligence and a long term “on the ground” approach, we help people to grow their net worth by taking ownership of assets that are stable and offer genuine long term value. Please use the various links in this page to learn more about us and the properties we sell.