About Us

About Us

Torcana is an award winning investment firm which buys, renovates and sells a variety of real estate in the Tampa Florida area. Our primary goal is to find ways of investing in rental properties with strong cashflow without taking unnecessary risks. Through rigorous due diligence and a long term “on the ground” approach, we help people to grow their net worth by taking ownership of assets that are stable and offer genuine long term value.

We have found that one of the best ways of building relationships with like minded people is to write about the market from the point of view of a long term investor. For that reason, in addition to our regular newsletters and podcasts we also publish a range of 18-25 page buyers guides which are free to download.

Our focus is on established and affluent areas with strong domestic rental and resale demand and we have a knowledgeable and experienced local team that has helped hundreds of investors purchase great rental homes in the Tampa Florida market.


Colin Murphy 

Colin is a well known real estate investor & podcaster who lives in Tampa Florida with his wife and two children. He Co-Founded Torcana.com in 2009 and has become an expert at identifying off-market homes for out of state and overseas investors. Since 2015, Colin & his co founders David Shaw & Kathryn Shaw have bought, renovated and sold over 300 properties.

Colin was born and raised in Ireland and has a Business Degree from the University of Limerick and a Masters Degree in Marketing Science from University College Dublin.

He began his career working for The Irish Times newspaper in London before moving onto property industry pioneer Blendon Communications where he held a variety of senior sales and managerial positions in their London, Dublin and Madrid offices.

Colin´s views are widely sought in the media and he has been quoted in The Daily Telegraph, The Sunday Times, The Evening Standard, International Living Magazine and many other titles. He is regularly invited to speak at industry seminars and has sat on the panel of judges at several major property awards.  Email Colin.

David Shaw

David Shaw is a licensed realtor and full time investor based in Tampa Florida. He has been involved in both US and International real estate for 20 years and has a wide range of construction, project management and marketing experience in both commercial and residential property. David is constantly on the move throughout the Tampa Bay area seeking new acquisition opportunities and keeping a very close eye on the 15-20 properties that we generally have under renovation. Email David.


Kathryn Shaw

Kathryn Shaw is a licensed realtor and founder member of Torcana alongside David & Colin. She has been involved in the real estate business since 2005 and has extensive office management experience. Kathryn runs the Torcana office and is an expert at guiding buyers though the Florida purchase and aftersales process. Email Kathryn.