5706 Marble Dr New Port Richey FL 34691



Address 5706 Marble Dr
New Port Richey FL 34691
Sales Price $133,900
Beds 3
Baths 1.5
Garage 1
Swimming Pool No
Sq Ft 2061 sq ft (1128 heated)
Year Built 1973
Flood Zone X
Estimated Income & Overheads
Target Annual Rent $13,200
Target Monthly Rent (A) $1,100
Management (8%) $1,056
Estimated Taxes $1,280
Home Insurance Estimate $1,000
Annual Overheads $3,336
Monthly Overheads (B) $278
Est. Net Monthly Income (A-B) $822
Est. Net Annual Income $9,864
Est. Cash on Cash Return 7.40%
Sample Mortgage Calculations
80% Mortgage $107,120
20% Down Payment $26,780
Cap + int mortgage 30 yrs @ 5.25% int $625
Est Net Monthly Income after mortgage $197
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