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<p>At Torcana, we have always believed in the simple principals of property investing: </p> <p>– Purchasing in the best location your budget will allow<br /> – Buying at the bottom rather than the top of the cycle<br /> – Crunching the numbers accurately<br /> – Understanding what due diligence is necessary and how to do it.</p> <p>No matter how small or large your budget is, research is king when it comes to purchasing an asset. By spending time learning about how a market works, what kinds of buyers and renters live there, the resale strategies available, the realistic income that can be earned etc., you can enhance your profitability immensely. </p> <p>We regularly publish reports covering these and other important issues. They are all completely free to download.</p>


Torcana Track Record (Q1 2019)

Email: Phone: +1 727 793 7547 If you know where to look, there are ample opportunities to protect and grow your wealth through real estate. The easiest way to illustrate this is simply to present information on the individual properties we have recently purchased (Q1 2019), renovated and sold turnkey to investors. This special brochure […]

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Guide to investing in Tampa Florida

Email: Phone: +1 727 793 7547 This free 14 page guide was created to provide valuable insights for those keen to learn more about investing in one of Florida´s hottest and most rewarding rental markets. If you want to know how to source solid middle class properties from $100,000 – $150,000  that deliver solid rental […]

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Five Real Estate Mistakes to Avoid (14 pages)

Email: Phone: +1 727 793 7547 In this special report, we outline the top five real estate investment mistakes we’ve seen people make over the last 15 years. More importantly, we’ll also describe how you can avoid them! In this Free 14-page PDF guide, you will see the pitfalls that can lead to poor investments […]

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Ultimate Guide to Understanding the Complex Real Estate Market (10 pages)

Email: Phone: +1 727 793 7547 This unique report (available in both English & Spanish) addresses a wide range of issues that real estate professionals normally don´t like talking about. Too often, both buyers and sellers concentrate solely on the features and benefits of a particular property and fail to put the right systems […]

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Florida Real Estate A Brief History (10 pages)

Email: Phone: +1 727 793 7547 Understanding the causes and durations of the major property cycles can be used to make informed, long term decisions regarding the real estate opportunities available today. – How Florida was transformed by transport revolutions – The massive real estate boom and bust in the 1920s – The post war […]

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Avoiding the Top Ten Property Investment Mistakes (22 pages)

Email: Phone: +1 727 793 7547 Due to the wide range of locations, property types and emotions involved, otherwise intelligent people have made the most expensive and stressful mistakes you can imagine. Among other things, this report discusses: – How to choose the best property instead of the best rental yield – Mixing vacation properties […]

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